Justine González


Kassa Belay

Justine González and Kassa Belay

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Our Beginning

Kassa and Justine began their love story in graduate school at the New School University. One day, on break from a class that had stretched late into the evening, in an effort to impress Justine, Kassa had a loud and very animated conversation on the phone, all in Spanish. Justine immediately noticed and was very impressed that this handsome black man, who frequently talked about his upbringing in Jamaica Plain, Boston in class discussions, and spoke Spanish so well, albeit with a slight Mexican accent. Little did she know, no one was actually on the other end of the phone line. Sufficiently dazzled by his language skills, quick wit and charm, Justine agreed to a series of dates and group outings with Kassa, mostly at the beloved Brooklyn South African hangout Madiba (RIP). For his part, Kassa became more and more enamored with Justine as time went on, enthralled by her exuberant, fun loving personality, contagious smile, and dance moves that elevated his own.

As their attraction blossomed into romance, Justine and Kassa pursued their love of traveling together, visiting a string of fun locales from New Orleans to Montreal, Ethiopia to Spain, Portugal to the Dominican Republic. While at home in Brooklyn, they explored the wonders of NYC hand in hand and found great joy in bringing their family and friends together, assembling an eclectic and diverse cast of characters you'll soon get to meet.

So please join us to celebrate the union of these two lovebirds and their beautiful cultures (Habesha/ Jewish, Boricua/ Nuyorican) in a wedding like no other!

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